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Challenges & Opportunities:

The migration from traditional processes to digitization is the first challenge any organization can face. Oracle JD Edwards provides a solid foundation for the various departmental functions of your organisation. It can be fully integrated with all the departments of the organisation such as financial management, project management and more. All related data resides in one single database, enabling full and easy reporting
JD Edwards Financials:
It streamlines the financial operations offering more choice of databases and operating systems. Multi-site, multi-lingual and international operations can all be easily supported. It can also help you record every transaction made within the organisation.
EnterpriseOne Asset Lifecycle Management:
EnterpriseOne solutions enhance the value of your assets to maximise profitability across the entire asset lifecycle. From capital planning and budgeting to procurement, operations, maintenance, and repair it helps in uplifting the returns on investment.
Order Management & CRM:
JD Edwards Order Management optimises the accounts receivables along with managing data on the sales leads. It allows independent configuration of processes along with diverse functionalities to regulate and localise them.

Supply Chain Planning:
JD Edwards Supply Chain Planning modules enable flexible and cost-effective integration of the different processes of the organisation. It allows you to customise and leverage the databases, operating systems in accordance with the processes. It can be deployed in a modular approach to efficiently utilise time, cost and resources.
JD Edwards One View Reporting is a real-time reporting solution designed for end users to customise transactional data. It allows you to simplify data into lists, charts, graphs, and tables for easy reference and understanding.
Business Intelligence:
Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is a comprehensive, modern and market-leading platform for efficiently building and managing queries which can be analysed through dashboards, enterprise reporting. It drives innovation and optimises the processes to become cost effective and result driven.

How we can help

Our comprehensive, scalable and metrics-driven approach can structure various organizational operations. Our JD Edwards specialist can simplify and customize the implementation of a vast and complex system as per your requirements.

What is your challenge?
Let’s find a solution together.