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Challenges & Opportunities

Being familiar with the different activities of a customer can help you enhance their experience. Salesforce provides an ecosystem of extensions and programs to track important customer data which can help you develop valuable solutions. Its data-driven systems enable dynamic solutions across different segments and diverse industries. 

Salesforce drives seamless planning, managing, measuring and improving lead generation, qualification, and conversion. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS enables a smooth transition and implementation of Salesforce software to centralize your business operations. We provide the following Salesforce solutions to enable new functionalities and capabilities for your organization:

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud allows a single platform for sales personnel to track customer information and interact with them. It accelerates sales productivity with automatic data capture and business process automation.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud helps in building self-service communities to access all customer queries. It provides more insight into customer behaviour which further enables you to provide personalized service.   

Marketing Cloud

Collaborate marketing and sales for B2B marketing automation with Marketing Cloud. It enables you to use web analytics and CRM data to build personalized campaigns for your customers. It helps in capturing relevant content and activating data on a unified platform.

Salesforce platform

Engage customers with personalized solutions combined with the latest technology with Salesforce platform. You can build automated business processes which enhance productivity with better experience across all segments. 

How we help

Our comprehensive, scalable and metrics-driven approach can structure various organizational operations. Our Salesforce specialist can simplify and customize the implementation of a vast and complex system as per your requirements. We provide a smooth transition for migration and implementation of Salesforce systems.

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